Is your web presence attracting prospects or penalties?

According to Search Engine Land, the #1 reason SEO fails is “being out of date. Even big corporations handling high-volume online sales often work with SEO dinosaurs — ‘experts’ who learned their craft 10 years ago and then stopped updating their knowledge.“¹ Not only does this not work, it can get your site penalized and drive your ranking down. And clients are paying good money for harmful results. After 20 years of designing websites, I discovered a handful of my clients had been paying big bucks for SEO services that were causing serious damage to their brand, their site traffic, and their profitability.

What did I do about this? I got them off these services and immediately repaired the damage. And I became fully trained and certified as an SEO specialist. I give priority to staying on top of the constant changes in SEO.

And I’m not a “specialist” in one aspect of SEO. I’ve found some of my prospects had paid for backlinks to a site that was so poorly designed it had no hope of ranking in the search engines. As an SEO specialist, I ensure that all aspects of my clients’ web presence that can affect their online visibility are addressed.

Branding, site design, content, and social media all factor in – and an integrated approach is essential for maximizing your visibility. I make sure clients understand this and are on board. When we work together as a team, results are readily attainable.